On this page, I want to show you my activities on the healing Qi gong in English.i am DANIEL SAMELSON and  As a senior  qi gong (Chi Kong) teacher for the past 35 years, I teach in workshops around the world and online courses. Since 1998, I have been teaching Chinese medicine and   Tai Chi Chuan. I believe that daily practice in qi gong is an essential part of a person's body and mind health

The practice of qi gong is the fifth branch of traditional Chinese medicine and is a therapeutic and preventive tool for a wide range of health problems of our internal organs, musculoskeletal and mental and mental systems. The practice I offer is based on the in-depth tradition and knowledge of Chinese medicine, but I bring it to a modern place that fits our life today with all the demands and burdens we have as humans
I believe that commitment to our health is both a requirement and a privilege of everyone and I am here to help you learn how to reach health at all levels



In the attached pages, I would like to introduce you to a few online courses of self-taught Qi qong healing in various fields, from teaching classic series with my unique highlights, to therapeutic courses for raising the level of vitality, strengthening the immune system, balancing the body, dealing with orthopedic problems as common pain, and movement restrictions. .

the courses