The inner warrior strengthening the body tendons and muscles

אורך הקורס

about three hours of video

כמות פרקים

Three episodes, 6 videos and about three hours of video

פרק לדוגמה


על הקורס

the course came to teach the unique qi gong practice of Shaolin Temple warriors(yi jin jing) . The daily practice of this series is designed to strengthen the muscles, tendons and joints, to give strength, power and health just like the fighters of ancient times. In a few minutes of daily practice, you can go back to being in great physical shape, raising your energy and vitality,
 Flex and strengthen the body and live without any pain and limitation

As a supplement to the course, you will also receive the special yoga series working on the opening of the 12 energy paths (the meridians) for enhancing vitality and flexing the body.
The course is built on a series of videos in which I explain in detail each exercise and exercise from the Western and Chinese approaches, along with corrections and recommendations so that everyone can practice easily and simply and get the best out of learning. In addition, I enclose a concluding video of about 20 minutes for flowing and fun personal practice

למי הקורס מתאים?

The Course is suitable for those who want to maintain their strength and flexibility, live without limitations and pain and grow stronger to live healthy in body and mind

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