Taoist yoga – do in

אורך הקורס

About an hour and a half

כמות פרקים

פרק לדוגמה


על הקורס

The practice of Japanese yoga practice DO IN came from the great Shiatsu teacher Shizoto Matchunga.
Exercise refers to "yoga", a series of stretches that we do to flex and strengthen the body and muscles, but the main focus is on breathing and awareness during "body exercises" designed to open and enhance the flow of energy (qi) in the 12 major meridians. By exercising we strengthen our bodies and improve the state of our internal organs and overall health.
In this course we will study in depth the philosophy of the 12 meridian pathways and the focused practice of healing the body. The practice itself is gentle and pleasant and requires no prior knowledge or stamina of a "yogist" but merely wants to practice and improve our health.

למי הקורס מתאים?

The course is designed for those who want to learn gentle energetic physical exercise that includes stretching and conscious breathing, gentle "yoga" for body maintenance and improving energy transmission in the internal organs, along with familiarity with the philosophy of Chinese and Japanese medicine.

נושאים שיכולים לעניין אותך:

קבלו במתנה את כל הפוסטים המובילים שלי בצורה מאורגנת ומסודרת לפי נושאים.

בנוסף תקבלו תכנים בלעדיים לרשימת התפוצה שלי