how to relieve back pain live stress free with qigong

אורך הקורס

about two hours of video

כמות פרקים

Three episodes, 11 videos and about two hours of video

פרק לדוגמה


על הקורס

A description of the course
It is now known that one of the main causes of back pain is physical inactivity combined with the experience of emotional stress in our modern lives. In this course you will find unique exercises for relieving and relieving back pain, along with breathing and meditation practice that will bring a sense of calm and tranquility to all levels of our lives
I have built a unique video course in which I teach how to fully breathe, release unpleasant emotions and feelings, relieve body movement restrictions especially along the spine and back
The Cross is built from a series of videos in which I explain in detail each exercise and exercise from the Western and Chinese approach, along with corrections and recommendations so that everyone can practice easily and simply and get the best out of learning. In addition, I enclose a concluding video of about 20 minutes for flowing and fun personal practice

למי הקורס מתאים?

Who the course is suitable for
The practice is suitable for all those who want to invest in their health, to ease the movement and pain restrictions in the back and
shoulders, to allow the immune and respiratory system to strengthen and learn how to live calmly and peacefully

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