Healing emotion and mind and body with qi gong -qi gong for emotiona balance

אורך הקורס

about two hours of video

כמות פרקים

Three episodes, 6 videos and about two hours of video

פרק לדוגמה


על הקורס

Healing Emotional Mind and Body through Qi Healing Practice is a unique course that combines the best practice in the traditional Qi gong (qi kung) world with my own personal interception based on more than 35 years of practice, training and treatment for thousands of patients.
In the course you will find a comprehensive philosophical explanation on the emotions and elements of Chinese medicine that sits at
the base of the practice, along with a comprehensive daily practice of 3 qi gong powerful series

למי הקורס מתאים?

The course is designed for those who want to know the world of qi gong, and practice movement and breathing to heal their bodies, and at the same time receive practical tools for relieving unpleasant feelings and emotions that accompany our lives.
you will get qi gong practice and moving meditation of the nei gong

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