fang feng dragon – the big protector

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90 minuts

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2 episode – 13 videos

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fang feng dragon is a unique series designed to increase the ability of the respiratory and immune systems to deal with "external spirits" which are actually external disease agents such as viruses and bacteria.
According to Chinese medicine "external spirit" is the rule of the diseases that attack our body and the practice in this series activates the energy within us in a unique way that strengthens our immune system.

The series includes large and open movements and thus contributes significantly to the body's ability to move, to flex the muscles and increase the range of motion so that our daily actions become easy and pleasant. It greatly strengthens the legs and thus contributes to our flexibility and balance.
Practicing contributes to raising our energy level and vitality and allows us to feel fresh and motivated throughout the day.

The video course includes 12 videos detailing each of the exercises in the series, as well as a full practice video of about 20 minutes and an additional 45 minutes so that everyone can choose how to learn and practice in their free time and according to their physical ability.

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The course is suitable for those who want to practice at home in their free time and improve the body's ability to move, relieve stiffness and pain and place great emphasis on strengthening the respiratory system and the immune system at all levels.

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